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Naturally match all hair colors.

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Sweat Proof. Heat Resistant. Oily Skin. Sensitive Eyes. Hooded Eyes.

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Discover why these top-selling favorites can instantly
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Skone is every woman - beautifully unique inside and out. Long lasting formulas.
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Skone Luxe Lip Liner

 Matches all skin types

Natural. Creamy. Smooth.

Perfect Lip Shades for any skin tone.

Rich Pigments

Experience vibrant, highly pigmented eye-complementing colors
with a non-caking formula that truly lasts.

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A collection of top performers made to unleash your gorgeous!

Insanely Intense Tattooed

Discover the origins of Tattooed – delve into the story here.

Cosmetics that really work.

Skone makes products that last and compliment all skin tones.
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Let's delve into the beauty that blossoms from within - revealed through the kindness
you show, the love you spread, and the positivity you radiate.

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Discrimination, gun violence, mass shooting, wars…it has to stop. We stand for being the change we wish to see by promoting love, not hate.
Let's all work together in the fight against HATE...by spreading more beauty, compassion, and LOVE.
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