"The only thing missing in any situation is that in which you are not giving.”
~Marianne Williamson

Every single day people need more love. More smiles. More compassion. More surprises. More pleasant gestures. More thank yous. More acknowledgement.

More acceptance.

More knowing you’re there for them.

In other words, a gazillion more open minds.

If YOU were born me, would you still treat or think of me (who is really YOU) that way?

Wouldn’t you love me?

Would you accept me?

Just because I look different, love different, or have different skin color, or born in a different country, wouldn’t you accept me (who is really you)?

A rainbow has different colors – but they are still colors.

Flowers come in different colors, shapes, or from different places – but they are all still flowers.

Humans come in different colors, shapes, or from different places, etc. – but we are all still humans.

Don’t you see me, who is YOU?

All I (who is really YOU) want is for you to acknowledge me. Accept me. And dare to love me.

Or at least show me (YOU) mercy. Or kindness.

And if you do it, then she will do it, then he will do it, then they will do it.

Then everyone will be giving away a gazillion more…

Every single day we need a gazillion more love.

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