“Sometimes painful endings bring the best new beginnings.”  ~Shae Ross


Every season I swap my front door wreaths with a wreath fitting for the season.


I can’t wait for that first warm day of spring, to put up my beautiful spring wreath and on the first day of summer, I love putting up my bright floral wreath with stunning yellow peonies.


Then, as the leaves begin to change, I put up my fall wreath, which has a beautiful mix of warm orange and tan flowers and leaves with a hint of burgundy tints and browns.


Fall is a time when many feel depressed, but I see and welcome it as a new beginning – or a new change.


One late afternoon, I remember swapping out my fall wreath to put up my winter wreath, which I always store in the original box they come in. After I put up the winter wreath, I remember closing the front door and sitting on my staircase, resting. The box with the fall wreath was leaning against the foyer closet. I remember sitting there for a few minutes enjoying the peace and silence. Maybe about 5 minutes had gone by before I started hearing a buzzing sound coming from the box with the fall wreath. Part of the wreath is peeking out the top of the box and out emerge a moth.


It just sat there of top the wreath. I got up, opened the front door, and put the box on the ground. The moth jumped on the ground, then took a few steps, and flew away. I picked up the box, took it inside and sat back down on the staircase.


I smiled and thought you’re free now. Then I thought about the stages of a moth and it being a new season and then it hit me. The moth is me! At the time I was newly divorced and how I, too, am emerging and transforming – just like the moth.


I thought this my transformation period. My new chapter. I can move on. I can recharge, renew, rejuvenate, and reinvent. It’s my rebirth.


Whether it’s a new season or not, we can change at any time and start a new chapter. We can be down or we can choose to go with the flow.


We can choose to have a positive perspective. We can choose to reinvent ourselves – just like the moth.




Because the moth is me, it’s you, it’s all of us – if we choose.



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