“Knowledge is power.”  ~Francis Bacon

This isn’t an ad or paid advertisement, but I love Audible.

Each book starts with “This is Audible.”

While I get dressed in the mornings, driving, or walking in the park, it’s the perfect time to press play on an audiobook and relish in stories or perspectives that are so interesting. It’s my me time to enjoy, learn, and grow.

I remember a few years back, I tweeted “Inspiration is everywhere, look around!” and other inspirational phrases. Someone tweeted back, “How are you like that? Where do you get your inspiration?”

I can’t remember specifically what I answered with, but in a nutshell, it was through “pain.”

Pain changed me. It led to growth.

In my healing, I read books and listened to many audiobooks that helps me learn and grow.

To be better. To gain a different perspective. To recognize truth.

Because collectively, when I grow, you grow, and vice versa.

Cheers to every time we hear “This is Audible.”  😉


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