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If talking to a real-life human is more your thing, you can reach our Customer Happiness Team via email (below).

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What does Skone mean?

Skone means beauty or beautiful woman in Afrikaans.

How do I contact Skone Cosmetics?

Contact us anytime via email at or by dialing (973) 927-5663.

How do I opt out of emails?

Click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of an email

How do I track my order?

When your order is completed and packaged  to be shipped, an email is sent to you with your tracking information. If you are having trouble tracking your order or did not receive an email with tracking information, email with your order number or the full name on the order.

Are Skone Cosmetics products cruelty free?

In an effort to provide the absolute best quality makeup brushes, we decided not to use synthetic hair on some of our brushes. They are made from natural animal hair to prolong use and eliminate shedding.

As for our makeup products, they are not tested on animals.

How do I return something?

Simply email us at to discuss your return and where to send your returned item(s).

Skone Cosmetics
PO Box 234
Mount Freedom, NJ 07970

How much does shipping cost? How long will it take to ship?

Domestic shipping within U.S. is just $3.95 on all orders and international shipping to Canada is $15.  All other international shipping is a flat rate of $20.

For domestic shipping, we normally ship same day depending on the time of day the order was placed, and usually takes about 2-4 business days for delivery.

Does Skone Cosmetics ship to P.O. Boxes?


Who should I contact if something is missing in my order?
Where can I find a coupon code? How do I use a coupon

At times, we have a coupon code listed on our website’s home page, but the best way is to join our mailing list for the latest deals, special sales, and coupon codes.

You may use your coupon code during checkout, which is located at the top of the ‘checkout’ page.

Where can I buy Skone products?

Our products are currently available online only at

How do I contact customer service?
I received an error message when placing an order; who do I contact for help?
Does Skone offer discounts to makeup artists?

Yes, absolutely! Email us at

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