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Affiliate Link and/or Code Usage: Each link or coupon code is good for the entire purchase on for 30 days. Affiliate promotions are valid only on subscription sign ups and not on reoccurring purchases. Your coupon code may or may not be used for sale items depending on the sale.

  • Where to share your code? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Blogs, Websites.
  • A few DON’Ts… Please do not post on any @Skonecosmetics SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS AS A PAID AD, OR IN ANY FORUMS, CAPTIONS, OR COMMENTS. Do not offer or post coupon/discount on websites like, Amazon, Ebay, or on any 3rd party websites.
  • PLEASE STICK TO THE RULES! The consequences of posting your code elsewhere will result in the decline of payment for those sales made and suspension or deferment from the Skone Cosmetics Affiliate Program.
  • Skone Cosmetics Program Requirements: We expect all affiliates to conduct themselves in a positive way as it relates to our brand, platform, and affiliate program. We do not promote bullying, violence, hate, drugs/alcohol, or weapons. Affiliates must conduct themselves in a respectful way when representing Skone, especially when posting on your social media outlets, blog, or website. Failure to comply will be subject to termination and immediately removed from the program. We support comradery and the well-being of others and any misconduct will not be tolerated and subject to terminate and immediate removal from the program.
  • Partnerships and Associations: Participation in this program, prohibits any partnerships and/or association with Skone Cosmetics’ owners, employees, vendors, or agencies. The partnership between you and Skone Cosmetics is considered an independent contractor and not an employee. Therefore, no federal or state withholdings will be held from your commission.
  • Commissions: The integration between our affiliate program and website does not allow payouts during Skone Cosmetics’ sale days. Payouts to affiliates will be paid bi-monthly.
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