Skone Model Wearing:
Eyes-Pink Champagne Eyeshadow Palette and Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner in Jet Black
Lip-Boyfriend Collection Lipstick in shade Sebastian

Brows- Brow Wand in Shade Chocolate



Gone are the days of using the classic black eyeliner pencil. Aren’t eye liner pencils what our mothers used to use? For many makeup enthusiasts, liquid eyeliner is the most important part of a makeup look. With a liquid pen, you can achieve a multitude of looks such as an animated style, smoky eye, wings or even a sexy cat eye. Today’s cosmetic brands know felt tip eyeliners are key to achieving these looks. When done correctly, eyeliner can brighten and draw attention to your eyes. Knowing and mastering how to use liquid eyeliner and all of its versatility is key for every makeup lover. If you usually skip eye makeup entirely unless you have just the right amount of time, then fear not, here are some simple tricks on how to get your liner right each and every time.

Types of eyeliner

There are three sorts of makeup eyeliners - gel, pencil, and liquid. Historically, the eyeliner pencil wouldn’t last because it would smudge terribly once wet and would feather, creating a mess. With pencils, once applied to the waterline, color would eventually bleed or smudge.

Liquid pens are easy to use and look like mini markers. They’re also waterproof, which is a great benefit and #1 reason most women want when looking for a great eyeliner. Today’s top makeup artists think the best type is the liquid eyeliner, which is why we recommend the Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner by Skone Cosmetics. From research and reviews, this brand has one of the best eyeliner pens because of its superior waterproof and smudge proof formula.

The Liquid Eyeliner Pen is Easiest To Use

Skone Cosmetics Tattooed Eyeliner is a luxury pen with serious staying power. Once applied, your black wings eye makeup will be with you until well into the night. Early reviews have boasted that women can line their lids before a workout and their lids are perfectly lined well after their workout! Another reviewer has stated that her Skone Tattoo eyeliner stayed on after a marathon and posted a photo to prove it. Wow, that’s some staying power. To make an added advantage, the tattoo eyeliner comes in four other colors (navy, hunter green, plum and brown). If you’re looking for blue eyeliner, Skone’s navy eyeliner is the right choice for a sleek and sexy blue color, which brings attention to brown, green and blue eyes. The green eyeliner look is so stunning and gives off a dark green look that almost looks black, but it’s a dark green. It gives you the lined eye coverage with a pop of green color. Don’t forget there’s the brown eyeliner too, which is excellent for blondes and women with fairer skin tones who have light or fine hair. The brown eyeliner isn’t harsh as the black tattoo ink, but will give you just the right amount of brown color that matches your skin/hair tone. The very popular plum liquid liner is used for when you crave a bold and bright look. Looks great with any color eyes.

Storing eyeliner pens the correct way, with the cap secured and tip side down, will ensure a longer shelf life and easier application.


Techniques for newbies using waterproof liquid eyeliner

When it comes to your top lid, it’s important to start off with soft light strokes from one end to the other. After mastering the technique, use the felt tip pen and aim for longer steadier strokes. With Skone, the liquid eye liner just easily glides across the eye for precision lines. Now go create your best liner looks yet! With your Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner, anything is possible.


Overall, it’s the best eyeliner on the market. With today’s busy career driven women, waterproof makeup that’s built to last all day is essential. Skone’s liquid eyeliner colors are perfect for busy women who apply their makeup once in the morning and go about their day, expecting their makeup to last well into the night.

When you buy Skone's Tattooed Eyeliner, you enjoy 4X More product than other brands. Additionally, our highly pigmented formula allows you to apply less and get better, more intense results.


Skone is created by women for women, and for that reason all of our new products are vegan, paraben free and cruelty free. Making the world a more beautiful place can be done sustainably and compassionately. Try Skone Cosmetics for yourself and find out what so many women across the nation are buzzing about.