Eight out of ten women use an eyeliner on a daily basis. The effect of lining your eyes brings color and aliveness to the face. Women like and accentuate their eyes because it's well, attractive. Most of us don't leave home without putting on some sort of line above, below or line the entire eye. We want it on all day and it should stay on until we take it off. 


How does it work?

The tattoo eyeliner is basically a felt tip eyeliner pencil used to add a colored line to the eyes, it's used to make beauty marks, and used to create animated makeup looks. Top makeup artists use a more premium eyeliner for professional use when staying power is needed and when elements, such as heat, sweat, water plays a role in disrupting the placement of the eyeliner. 

Skone Cosmetics Insanely Intense Tattooed™ Eyeliner has a fast drying formula. Once you've made a line, it dries within seconds. This tattooed eyeliner really stands up to the name because there's no taking it off once you've drawn your winged eye. 


Sweat resistance | Waterproof

When you use this eyeliner liquid, you will appreciate the fact that it’s a fully sweatproof and waterproof eyeliner. Yes, this product really manages to help you keep your eyeliner style intact even through active lifestyles (running, swimming, jogging) and weather related elements such as cold air and excess heat.


Easy to apply

The tattooed eyeliner comes with a felt tip pen applicator. It’s very easy to use, because of the fine tip point. Versatile enough to create the thinnest of lines to the thickest. The choice is yours. It’s well worth the investment, especially if you want a durable and dependable eyeliner for you to use all the time.

Skone Cosmetics Insanely Intense Tattooed™ Eyeliner is a quality lead eye liner that is 5Xs BIGGER than your average eyeliner. Number 1 comment from our reviews, it lasts forever! 


Suitable for a variety of events

Mostly used for everyday eyeliner looks. Great for building a smokey eye, winged eye, or creating a cat eye. A tattoo eyeliner is also used to create animation for TV and film, used to create Halloween looks and body art. The Skone Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner is preferred by professional makeup artists and recommended by top salons nationwide for its quality, durability, and longevity.



If you want a great, waterproof eyeliner that will withstand the elements while also looking great, Insanely Intense Tattooed™ Eyeliner is the right option for you. Comes in 5 colors: Jet Black, Brown, Plum Black, Navy, Hunter Green

Eyeliners come in all 5 colors set and a 5 jet black eyeliners set for amazing savings.


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