One of the most important things to remember about makeup is that there are no rules. Sure there are tried and true methods, but it all comes down to what beauty trends and styles work for you. Sometimes that means using makeup products in unusual ways. If you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side with your makeup, then read on for some unusual ways to use your favorite makeup products.

On your lids

Blush, whether it’s pink, orange or purple, could definitely be used as eye shadow. Applying blush on your eyes with your Large Shadow brush will give you a bright wash of color on your lids. Adding wings with your Insanely Intense Tattooed eyeliner is never a bad idea. Perhaps try a color other than classic black. Color theory can guide you on what complimentary color you should choose.

On your cheeks

If you love using cream blush products, why not try using your favorite lipstick shade as an alternative! We suggest using a tinted balm for a sheer finish, but you can go as bold and bright with your “cream blush” as you’d like. Use your Luxe Pro Contour brush or your fingers to buff it out on the apples of your cheeks.

For the highlight, you could try using a clear or iridescent lip gloss. Apply it on your cheeks and Cupid’s bow.  This is more of an editorial look, but if you want to look extra dewy this is something you may want to try. 

On your lips

Some situations call for a bold lip, and you might not have the perfect shade to fit the occasion. Instead of buying a new lipstick, try using eyeshadow as a lipstick or lip stain. For a shimmery style, check out our Eye Lights collection. Top it off with some clear gloss and you’ll have a marvelously metallic lip!

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