When you love makeup sometimes it’s hard to let go of products in your collection. Even if you’ve hit pan, or know for a fact that it’s just taking up space in your makeup bag, it may sting to throw it in the trash. But parting ways with makeup or tools that have seen better days doesn’t have to be all bad news. It gives you the opportunity to purchase new and better makeup and tools for you to use! If you know your makeup bag needs a little spring cleaning then read on for what products to toss and what to replace them with.

TOSS: The ever-shedding brush

We’ve all had one brush – or still do – that leaves little hairs all over our faces when we use it. No matter how well you’ve treated it, it’s either too old or poorly made. Whatever happened to this brush over time is irrelevant. These days it’s not only messy, but it could negatively impact your makeup application and your skin.

REPLACE WITH: Luxe Pro Brushes

Our Luxe Pro brushes are the perfect addition to your makeup bag. Available in singles and sets, you can build your collection one brush at a time or all at once. Some of our fan favorites are the Blending Brush, Contour Brush and Powder Brush. All will be shed-free with proper care and maintenance for a long time.

TOSS: Products you haven’t used in a while.

Did you buy an eye shadow for Halloween that you haven’t used since? Or maybe that foundation that’s just a bit off and doesn’t match your undertones correctly? It can feel like you’re throwing money away when you consider throwing out those barely used products, but think of it this way: you’re making more room for products you actually use and love! If the product is still viable and you feel like you simply cannot throw it away, sanitize it and give them to a relative or friend who would love it.

REPLACE WITH: Multipurpose products.

Multipurpose products are smart buys for those who want not only to de-clutter their makeup bag, but also be thrifty with their cosmetic purchases.

TOSS: Ineffective products you love

Makeup is an investment, and most of us want to get the most out of our investments. If your eye pencil is down to a stub and you’re scraping the remnants of powder from the long gone pressed powder pan, it’s time to let it go. Your favorites have served you well. Plus if they’ve been in rotation for quite a bit, they might not be as effective as when you first purchased. If you’re unsure, check the labels or online to see the shelf life of your makeup.

REPLACE WITH: The same products. Support your favorite brands!

The best way to ease your broken heart after throwing out a favorite product is to repurchase your favorites or even expand your horizons by trying different colors and textures. If you love our Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner and you need to restock, try another color besides your favorite classic Black or Brown. You’ll want to try other fan favorites like our Brow Wand and Tattooed Solid Pencil. The more room in your makeup bag means a bigger new product haul! Happy shopping!