Last week we suggested fun ways to gift the Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner to your family or friends this holiday season, but of course there so many other ways to give the gift of glam! Another way to make a big impact on your special someone is to gift them Luxe Pro brushes.

Think about it; you love the superbly soft, professional grade brushes yourself, how could they not be a hit with your besties this holiday season!

Not sure which brushes to give? Here are some thoughtful and special ways to create the perfect brush package.

Stocking stuffers

Purchasing one or a few Luxe Pro brushes you know your makeup lover needs is perfect for a stocking stuffer or to add to a holiday gift set. Some fan favorites are our Blending, Contour, and Brow Definer brushes.

Shadow play

If your makeup lover can’t get enough of eyeshadow brushes, treat her to the 6 piece set. This includes the Large Shadow, Small Shadow, Angle Shadow, Smokey, Lip and Brow Definer brushes.With this package, endless amounts of eyeshadow looks can be created. The stand out star of this set will likely be the Small Shadow brush, a tool that can help pack in color in smaller areas.

Creating a custom kit

The best gifts are the most thoughtful ones, and creating a custom brush kit would not only be generous but it would leave a lasting impression for a long time. Think of what brush family your makeup lover would most enjoy. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

The Flawless Face Set:

Powder, Contour, Foundation and Small Crème brushes.

Although the Small Crème is a shadow brush, this brush is also great for applying concealer in small places with precision, like the undereye region.

Sexy Shadow Collection:

Blending, Smudger, Smokey, Liner, and Small Shadow brushes.

This is a great ensemble cast of brushes that create show-stealing looks!

Full Face Basics:

Powder, Foundation, Large Shadow, Blending, Lip, and Brow/Lash brushes

The perfect gift for those who don’t normally have a lot of brushes but still would benefit from a small set that they can create an entire face look with! You can even add one of our new products, the Silicone Beauty Sponge, that’s specially designed to apply liquid foundation with ease.

These are just some examples of brush combinations you can choose. Of course, you know your makeup lover best so we are sure you could come up with the perfect brush bundle to give.

Spoil them rotten

If you really love them why should you have to choose which brushes to get?! The 14 piece brush set is an amazingly generous present for the makeup lover in your life that’s always appreciated.  This will help them create a flawless face, endless shadow looks, and a perfect pout. And they’ll never worry about having the right brush again, because this will cover any and all steps in their makeup routine.

How do you plan to give Luxe Pro brushes to the makeup lover in your life? Let us know your festive and fun ideas!

Those who want some rose gold realness of their own shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enter to win a free Luxe Pro brush set! To enter, simply follow Skone Cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram and post a photo with the caption: #SkoneBrushGiveaway. Winners will be announced 12/18 and 12/25. Best of luck!