As a beauty lover, you’ve likely tried contouring at least once. But if you’re completely unsure what it entails, contouring is molding and shaping your face with the use of a highlight and contour as well as a blush or bronzer, depending on your preference. With our new Sculpt & Slay Cream Contour Palette, you can create fabulous and flawless contours with the three universally flattering cream shades.

Learning the correct contouring methods can be difficult if you’ve only seen tutorials done by someone who has a different face shape than yours. In fact, not identifying your face shape at the outset negates all the amazing hard work you put into your makeup looks. So if you’re struggling to get your contour looking fierce and fabulous, read on for some tips and techniques for contouring any face shape.


If you have an oval shaped face that means that your face narrows down towards your chin and you might have prominent cheekbones. Oval-faced beauties should highlight the middle of their forehead, long triangles under the eyes that meet at the bridge of the nose, and the most prominent part of the chin. Apply the contour shade underneath the cheekbones framing the face, whereas the bronzer should go in between the highlight and contour on the widest part of the cheeks.


Long shaped faces are slightly different from oval, primarily in the chin region. If you have a well defined chin and elongated features this is likely your face shape. To contour effectively, first you must highlight under the eyes, a small area underneath the nose, the middle of the forehead, and from end to end of your cheekbone right underneath your lips. The contour should be placed at the top of your forehead, underneath your cheekbones and where your chin and neck meet. Be careful using the bronzer and don’t take it too far outwards to your ears. Stick to the largest part of your cheeks.


Round faced beauties usually have a similar width and length throughout the face, but widest at the cheeks. Highlights should be placed in a few places. First highlight a small area in the middle of your forehead, about the size of the space between your eyebrows. Next, make small triangles under your eyes that connect slightly at the bottom of your nose. The last bit of highlight should go at the broadest part of your chin. Contour both sides of your face and blend inwards with your Luxe Pro Contour brush. This technique can make your face look more angled and thinned out. Bronzer should go on the apples of your cheeks but angled upwards towards your ears.


You have a face that’s identified as square if you have very prominent cheekbones and a strong jaw line. Contouring is key if you desire a more softened, natural look. Apply contour powder or liquid underneath the cheekbones going downwards in a 45 degree angle towards your chin. Then create a contour from the top of your forehead to just above the end of your eyebrows again in a 45 degree angle. Highlight under your eyes, the middle of your forehead and the most prominent part of your chin.


If your chin comes to a point and your forehead is prominent, this probably means you have a heart shaped face. To contour, use your product from the bottom of your cheeks downward as well as framing your face with the contour at the sides of the hairline. Highlights should be placed below the eyes, the forehead and chin.


Diamond shaped faces are the least common, but definitely worth mentioning. This face shape is known for its angular features. If your face is widest at your temples, this is probably your face shape. Subtle contouring techniques best suit this face shape. Highlights should be placed on the forehead, from eyebrow arch to eyebrow arch as well as under the eyes and the chin right below your lips. Place your contour below the cheekbones, at your temples, where your chin meets your neck, and at the top middle of your forehead. Bronzer should be applied straight across rather than on an angle on the apples of your cheeks.

So now you know how to contour correctly for your face shape…

But now you need the right tools! Luckily Skone has launched a brand new product that will help you create your best contour yet! Introducing the Sculpt & Slay Cream Contour Palette!  ! In this palette there are three shades that contour, bronze, and highlight, and a mirror for on-the-go application. Pair the palette with a Luxe Pro Contour brush and you are on your way to a flawless contour!

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