When you have plans after work, there’s not usually a lot of time to refresh your makeup. Make the most of it with these quick and easy steps to make your makeup last all night long.


Throughout the work day, your skin breathes and maybe even sweats. Sweating and touching your face –something we do much more than we realize- are probably the two biggest causes of product to wear off over the course of a work day. When you look in the mirror, carefully inspect the areas product has worn off the most: your nose, chin or forehead. Before adding any more products to your face, gently dab your skin with a tissue to blot away any excess oil. That will make your skin look better, and make any further makeup you apply go on smoother. You can use blotting paper, or if you’re in a pinch coffee filters!


While you can add more foundation if you want, it might feel a little heavy on the skin after a day of wearing foundation already. We suggest applying concealer in the spots that makeup has worn off. Use your desired shade of Mini Concealer Stick and gently blend with a Luxe Pro brush or just your fingertips.


If your skin is on the oilier, translucent or mineral powder is a great way to reset your makeup and mattify your look. It will soak up any excess oil that still might be present post-blot. However, if your skin doesn’t need this step, a setting spray will refresh and lock in your makeup for the evening.

Now here’s the fun part…

Now that the work day is complete you can let your personality shine through with your makeup. To look like you just stepped off this season’s runway, try creating a wing with the Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner in Navy or Plum. For added effect, use your Tattooed Solid pencil on your bottom lashline and smudge it with a Luxe Pro brush or your fingers.

With these simple ways to refresh your look you can spend more time out there enjoying your night with confidence.

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