Spring has finally sprung, and you know what that means: more outdoor events, cook outs and outdoor and celebrations galore. While the temps may be rising that doesn’t mean your makeup has to heat up with it! Below are five useful tips that can help you get your makeup looking great all spring and summer long.

Prime then primp

Even the savviest of makeup lovers have put on a face without primer before. In the spring and summer months, this is probably not the best idea. Before you put on your makeup, be sure to use a primer or at least a moisturizer to keep your makeup lasting longer and apply with better coverage.

Try lighter foundations

Think of it this way: the less you put on your face, the less can cause a makeup meltdown. BB (beauty balm) or CC (color correcting) cream can be a great alternative for foundation. BB has a lighter coverage whereas CC is great for those who want to cover more. Both products typically have SPF, so you can still have coverage and avoid sunburns. Some products even have moisturizers built in so a primer may not be needed. With this comprehensive product, you’re cutting out a lot of the other products that may not withstand spring and summer sun.

Your Tattooed Liner collection can take the heat!

An eyeliner pencil is likely to produce product that will melt on your face after a while. Instead using a pencil, try a liquid liner. Our Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner comes in five pigmented shades that will dry quickly and be set all day. If you prefer an eyeliner pencil, consider the Tattooed Solid pencil. This moisture rich formula will stay put on your lower lashline and waterline, which can often be a big mess on a hot day.

Set with powder

After the look is complete, set your face product with powder your Luxe Pro Powder brush. Both the powder how you apply it with the brush will set your foundation, BB cream or concealer and may prevent some serious sweating.

Blot, blot, blot.

Reapplying powder throughout the day can make your face look cakey and could even clog your pores. Instead, try blotting the sweat or oil from your face.  There are a number of blotting papers on the market today, but if you’re in a pinch try using a new coffee filter or even wrapping tissue you might find in a gift bag.

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