Cosmetics and makeup brushes investments that beauty lovers are happy to make. Some major dough is spent on high quality items, but what many fail to realize is that their value and shelf life can be extended by regular maintenance. If you are in search of ways to keep your products and brushes in top condition and continue to be effective, here are some essential tips for caring for your makeup and brushes.

 Storage is Key

How and where you store your makeup and brushes can determine how well they will hold up. One place you should never store products is in the bathroom. However clean you may think your bathroom is, it is still home to a whole mess of bacteria and excess moisture that could damage your makeup brushes and have them lose their effectiveness.  If your brushes are stored in the open air, the bacteria could easily latch on to the brush heads and alter the quality and may even cause breakouts on your skin. To avoid this, store your makeup and cosmetics brushes in a closed container in another room.

Like your laundry, brushes need cleaning too.

It’s likely that you use your makeup brushes nearly every day. Using your brushes without a frequent wash could affect the integrity of the brush fibers; make them unusable, and perhaps even cause skin problems. There are two ways you can wash your brushes to keep them fresh and clean. One is a daily brush cleanser that should be used after every use.  The other way you could clean your brushes is a weekly (or if you’re busy, every other week) full scrub down.

For the full wash, there are brush shampoos that run the gamut in quality and price. Some beauty experts swear by Zote Soap Laundry Bar, which is only a few dollars and is easily found online. As an alternative, Ipsy founder Michelle Phan has suggested using a homemade mixture of liquid dish soap and olive oil.

Wash your makeup containers, too.

Whether you store product in a fabric bag or have fancy acrylic organizers, the cases that hold your makeup should be regularly cleaned as well. Once every other week, or at the very least, once a month, do a thorough cleaning of your makeup containers. For fabric bags, this may mean putting them in the washing machine. For hard surfaces, a simple spray cleaner would do.

So now that we gave you some great ways to help you keep your makeup and brushes cleaner and last longer, were there any tips that we missed? Let us know about your favorite makeup maintenance regime!

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