Makeup brushes are an investment that beauty lovers should be happy to make. Some major dough can be spent on high quality brushes, but what many fail to realize is that their value and shelf life can be extended by routine maintenance. If you are interested in the way to keep your products and brushes in top condition and working effectively, here are some essential tips for caring for your makeup and brushes.

Storing your brushes is EVERYTHING.

How and where you store your makeup and makeup brushes can determine how well they will hold up. One place you should never store your brushes is in the bathroom. However clean you may believe the bathroom is, it still houses tons of bacteria and excess moisture that could seriously damage your makeup and brushes.  If your makeup brushes are stored in the open air in the bathroom, the bacteria could latch on to the brush hairs and alter their quality and even cause skin breakouts. Yikes! To avoid this potential disaster, store your makeup and brushes in a closed container in another room.

Like your laundry, brushes need a cleaning schedule too!

You probably use your makeup brushes nearly every day. Using your brushes without a frequent washing could affect the integrity of the brush fibers. This will eventually make the brush unusable as well as cause some nasty skin problems. There are two ways you can wash your brushes to keep them fresh and clean. One is a daily brush cleanser that should be used after every use.  The other way you should clean your brushes is a weekly (or if you’re busy, every other week) full scrub down.

For the full wash, there are brush shampoos that run the gamut in quality and cost. Some swear by a homemade combination of dish soap and olive oil.

…and it’s not just your brushes that need cleaning.

Whether you store product in a fabric bag or have high quality acrylic organizers, the cases that hold your makeup should be regularly cleaned as well. Once every other week, or at the very least once a month, do a thorough cleaning of your makeup containers. For fabric bags, this may mean putting it in the washing machine. For hard surfaces, a simple spray cleaner would do the trick.

Most importantly, you need the right tools.

Eye and lip pencils need a sharp, high quality pencil sharpener to create a clean sharp point for application. Our Skone rose gold pencil sharpener is made with durable steel, and will give you the crisp pencil point you need. If you love rose gold, you will fall head over heels for our rose gold Luxe Pro brushes. These professional grade brushes will last much longer if you follow our easy maintenance tips.

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