If you’re an ipsy subscriber, chances are you received our Large Shadow brush in your March bag! If you love your new brush and are new to the Luxe Pro range, there are thirteen other amazing brushes to try and love.

Large Shadow – This brush is wide and rounded and is perfect for packing shadow on your lid or layering color. Move the brush in a semi-circular motion to smooth out and layer shadow. Large shadow brushes can also be used for blending large areas of your lid. 

Small Shadow – As opposed to our Large Shadow brush, our Small Shadow is softer with longer bristles to help you apply concentrated areas of shadow as well as blend. If you want to create a look that involves a pop of color or even some glitter, this brush will be your go-to.

Angle Shadow – Because of its crisp angle, this brush is perfect for applying eye shadow in the corners of your eye, lower lids, and even brow highlight.  Those who want to perfect their cut crease would really appreciate the Angle Shadow brush.

Small Crème Our Small Crème brush is best utilized when applying crème shadow or smoothing out concealer under your eyes. Its wide and round shape, paired with smooth bristles, is fantastic for both packing on color as well as blending.

Smudger – Together, the Smudger and Smokey brushes make the best pair when creating a smokey eye look. To best utilize this brush, use it to smudge eyeliner such as our Tattooed Solid.

Smokey- This brush has short and compact bristles to smudge and blend liner or shadow. It’s slightly larger than our Smudger brush, so you can use it on your top lid with ease.

Liner – Our nylon haired Liner brush is perfect for applying or cleaning up your winged liner. Whether you want to use liquid, crème or powder, the Liner brush will apply product with ease.

Brow Definer – Our Brow Definer brush is angled to help you create precise and defined brows. To add color to your brows first outline the desired shape and length of your brows with the Brow Definer and then fill in. After this step, you may feel your brows look a little too dark. If so, use the bristle end of your Brow/Lash brush to diffuse the color a little for a more natural look.

Brow/Lash – This brush does double duty! The hard plastic side is great when you need to declump your lashes. Just comb the brush through your lashes to separate the lashes and remove excess mascara. You could also use this side for brushing out your brows.

The brush bristles are useful when you need a more thorough comb through of your eyebrow hairs and should be used before, during and after putting product on your brows. 

Blending – Eye shadow looks are not complete without a decent amount of blending. To use this brush, hold the tip of the handle and move in circular motions. Blending helps connect the shadow colors in a seamless fashion and will make the finished product look less harsh.

Lip– Our Liner brush is perfect for lining your lips with crème or liquid product as well as cleaning up your lip liner with concealer. The brush is flat and wide so that you can line accurately and pack on color. It is also great for mixing colors on your lip.

Foundation – This brush will apply liquid or crème foundation seamlessly. Create a flawless base by starting at the center of your face, then sweep outwards towards your hairline. Use the Foundation brush as you would use a paintbrush. You want to keep a similar stroke towards the hairline to produce natural and seamless coverage.

Contour – A Contour brush helps you, you guessed it, contour! It’s super firm to help apply and buff out your highlight and contour. This brush combined with our Sculpt & Slay palette will transform your contour!

Powder – Powder sets your foundation and concealer, and our fluffy Powder brush will gracefully glide over your skin with ease. To use our Powder brush, dip it in your pressed or loose powder then gently tap off any excess into the powder pot. Lightly dust your face evenly with the brush. Setting your foundation and concealer is an essential step for those who want a matte look.

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