Black liquid liner is the most commonly used liner shade because it’s iconic and easy to find. For these reasons, many people often stick to black liquid liner because it’s what they know. At Skone, we thrive on trying new things with makeup, and love celebrating Skone Girls who follow the same mindset! If you’re like us and crave a bolder look for this season and beyond, perhaps a new liquid liner shade is in order.

The most popular product we have in our line is our Insanely Intense Tattooed Liner. Skone Girls across the country have raved about its performance and staying power, and all the colors in the line are equal to the exceptional quality of our black liner, including today’s highlighted shade: Navy.

Perfect for cool toned brunettes!

Navy eyeliner provides a pop of color for those with darker eyes and could accentuate the hidden highlights of your eye color. If you have blue eyes, navy eyeliner is great as well because it can make your blue eyes look even more intense and vibrant. Call on Color Theory to decide if this cool shade would be complimentary of your skin/eye tones.

Bold and bright

Black winged liner can be sleek and classic, but using the same technique with your navy Tattooed Eyeliner can offer a bold pop of color that isn’t as harsh or jarring. In fact, this shade of navy can brighten your face and draw attention to your eyes, which is always a good idea!

Cool fall color

Many hues of blue are totally en vogue this season. That means it’s great to wear shades of blues to parties, school and all daytime activities. For evenings out, your Tattooed Eyeliner in Navy will provide a lighter, fun look.

Is the Navy Tattooed Eyeliner the next shade you want to try? Here are some ways to rock it!

Like any other liquid liner, there are endless possibilities with navy. Try a monochromatic smokey eye using different shades of blue and top it off with a cat eye. For something more subtle, try neutral shadows and your navy liner will be the pop of color your look needs. You could even try a double winged look with navy paired with your black liner, or other multi-color wing looks. Whatever style you choose your Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner will give you pigmented color that will stay put all day, even during the most humid days.

Blue liquid liner isn’t so intimidating after all, is it? Now it’s time to try this color out! Pick one up in our store today.

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