When it comes to liquid eyeliner most makeup lovers stick to basic black. Black is easily found and most often used, so people tend to stick with what they know. But if you're searching for a different twist on an old classic an alternative color may be just what you need.

The most popular product we have in our line is our Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner. What Skone Girls have said that they like most is the strength of the product and the range of colors, all of which live up to the quality of our classic black liner. So if you dare to be bold read on for helpful tips on how to wear our brown Tattooed Liner.

Make your eyes sparkle

A liner color other than black can also add color, but brown is especially complimentary to blue or green eyed beauties. Of course you already know that, because you’re a color theory expert after last week’s blog! Because brown and green/blue are contrasting colors, the contrast can enhance your eyes and have them stand out more than basic black. Brown eyed beauties might also notice that this color brightens the color of their eyes as well, since the liner color is so similar to their eyes.

No matter your eye color, brown liner is sure to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Softer than black

Brown liner is a great element of any daytime look. Depending on the style of your makeup, black liner, whether with eye shadow or on its own, might be considered a little too intense for an everyday look. A neutral smokey eye with brown liner is a subtle look that’s more wearable at work, so you’ll never feel that you're limiting your makeup style for your job.

Cool summer shade

If your hair is light with cool undertones (think purple or blue tint, not brassy), brown is a great alternative to classic black as well.  Pair your brown liner look with a bold lip color to create a new twist on an old classic.

So now that you’re convinced that brown liner is on your list of colors to try. How do you wear it?

Brown liner is extremely versatile. Wear it alone, with a smokey eye, or a cut crease. Be adventurous and try looks you’ve mastered with your black eyeliner and notice how the look changes.

Given that you really know what to do with brown liquid liner, now’s the perfect time to get your hands on it!

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