Eyeliner has been one of the most essential accessories since yesterday's. Yet it proves to be hardest of all to apply for some. Unlike blush or foundation, eyeliner pen applications can go wrong very easily.

Here are some game-changing tricks that will help master the art of applying eyeliner like a pro:

1) Pencil Eyeliner

Eyeliner pencils are good for bigger, bolder and changing the shape of eyes, easily. Use this pencil eyeliner, for natural and smudged eyes.

Apply the pencil lightly for a subtle line on eyelashes; smudge it to create Smokey or dramatic eyes.

Chill! No risk of running liquid liner into the eyes.

For the precise and thin lines, sharpen the pencil and to create a more rounded and thick line, get it dull.


•    Place your finger on the outer edge of your upper eyelash.
•    Start lining the inner corner of the eyelid and move towards the outer edge of eyelash slowly
•    Use short strokes for even application.
•    To apply liner on the lower eyelid, start applying short strokes as you did on the top lid.
•    Either line the outer half of the lower eyelash or entire bottom eyelash.

2) Gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliner comes in a pot with a small brush. Use gel liner for thicker application of lines like creating cat eyes or wing eyeliner. Angled brush is also used with it sometimes.


•    Dip liner brush into the gel-filled pot. Make sure to dip only the tip or the edges.
•    Start applying gel eyeliner to the inner eyelash line moving towards the center without filling it. Gradually move towards outer eyelash to cover the outer edge.
•    After applying the starter lines, fill the gaps along the center of the eyelash line. Small and soft strokes create even line along with upper eyelash.

(Tip: Create several dots along the lash line and connect them to create a perfect line.)

3) Liquid liner

Liquid liners are available in markets as the pen or vial with the brush. Mostly waterproof eyeliner, with this eyeliner, simply draw lines on upper lashes and fill gaps with the second stroke. Render thin to natural lines or dramatic looks to eyes.


•    Before applying this eyeliner, shake the liner well with the lid tightly secured in its place. Pull the brush out of the bottle, unscrewing the cap.
•    To apply a thin line, just swipe the brush across the edge of the liner bottle.
•    Place the brush against upper eyelash. Apply eyeliner moving towards the outer edge of the lash line.
•    After finishing the outer corner lining, line the inner edge of the upper eyelash line.
•    Connect two lines using small strokes.

(Tip: To apply liner evenly, make an eyelash line with the pencil liner first and then apply liquid liner on to it for the perfect look.)

Applying Winged Eyeliner

Follow curves of the eyelash line towards the outer corner of the lower eyelash and fill the wings as needed.

Option -1

Place a business card to create a straight line against the outer edge of eyelid at an angle. Apply the liner pen along the edge.

Option -2

Use tape to create a wing. Place the tape on the lower lash line forming an angle with the tape on the upper lash line extending upwards of the eyebrow. Fill the liner. Tilt the tape as much or as little, to create dramatically or a subtle look.

Go errorless

Dip the cotton swab in the liquid oil and use the tip of this swab to wipe clean the excess liner.

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