The holiday season is in full swing! Have you considered what you’re gifting your friends and family yet? It’s not too late to give the gift of glam! If you absolutely love your Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner perhaps you should consider sharing the love with your makeup besties and favorite family members. Here are some creative and fun ways to make your gifts stand out this holiday season.

Making them feel special

Classic black liner is always a great choice for a gift, but maybe this year it’s time you introduce your favorite makeup lover to another shade. Purchase the entire collection (Black, Brown, Navy, Hunter Green and Plum) and gift them each individually to the friend or family member who you think would wear each shade the best. Maybe your mother loves green and you know she’d love the eyeliner that provides a pigmented pop of color to match every outfit. Or your younger cousin is obsessed with the color purple and you know she’d love a liner that fits her unique style. Whichever color you choose, it’s sure to be appreciated by the giftee.

Now THIS is love!

If you want to spoil someone with an extra special present, purchasing all the five shades would be a standout gift for any serious makeup lover. They will be able to experiment with an array of different colors and styles and create fabulous unique looks. Your amazing and thoughtful gift will surely be a hit and remembered for many holidays to come.

A special surprise in your stocking

Our Tattooed liner would be the perfect stocking stuffer as well. You could purchase multiple liners and gift them to all the makeup lovers in your life. Make the gift even more festive and fun by wrapping them as candy canes wound with red and white ribbon. Only after unwrapping their gift will they realize it’s something even sweeter.

A basket of color

Our Tattooed liner would be a great addition to a holiday gift basket. Whatever color you choose, coordinate the gift basket with your liner so that the gift receiver can create a cohesive look with most of the products. Add the appropriate brushes for more versatility when using the liner. A matching scarf, costume jewelry or other any color-coordinated accessories would be great additions to this gift basket.

Create your own custom eye kit

Our liner is great on its own, but what if you want to give a special friend a gift that allows them to create a total look? Include eye shadow along with the Tattooed liner, and complete your creative eye kit by adding our rose gold Luxe Pro brushes, such as our Blending or Smokey brushes.

Hopefully these gift suggestions have put some ideas in motion for you. Be on the lookout for our Brow Wand and rose gold brush set gift guides in the coming weeks!

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