If you want full, sculpted brows, it can take some practice to perfect with the right product. Thankfully, we created the Brow Wand. It has two sides, one for brushing and shaping your brow hairs, and the other a triangular shaped pencil that delivers the perfect pigment to fill in your brows. If you’ve never used the Brow Wand or any brow product before, it’s not as difficult as it may look! Read on for some helpful brow tips and tricks.

Tame the hairs

A good practice to follow before any brow product goes on that you brush your brow hairs out. Use the spoolie end of your Brow Wand and brush outwards to your temples. Notice how your hairs naturally form and come together.  For curly haired beauties, sometimes brow hairs can mimic the hair on your head. But just because your brow hairs curl and stay in one spot doesn’t mean they belong there. Taming your brow hairs at the beginning will result in a refined look at the end.   

View from afar

If you’re new or even not so new to brow enhancement, your instinct might tell you to get up real close to your mirror. This will not result in natural looking brows. Being too close does not give you the perspective you need to see both brows simultaneously and create a symmetrical look. To achieve brow perfection stay at least a foot away from the mirror when penciling your brows in. When you’re finished, you may want to take a step back even further to get an idea of how they will look to everyone around you. Most people don’t come within inches of your face, so although your brows should look great up close, they should also be polished enough for your friends, coworkers or people on the street to appreciate.

First shade then blend, blend and blend some more!

To create a natural look without having to use the spoolie too much to blend out, use short brush strokes that mimic your brow hair. If you’ve never tried a brow pencil before, go slow and remember to follow the previous two steps. It’s better to add color slowly than to go overboard too quickly and end up with harsh lines.

But even if you do put too much on and you’d like to soften up the look it’s not a difficult fix. Just use the spoolie end of your Brow Wand to brush out any extra color for a more natural look. Having a single color from end to end on your brow doesn’t look natural. If you’ve ever taken a hard look at your natural brows, you’ll notice that the hairs closest to the corners of your eyes look slightly lighter. This could either be due to the fact that they are actually lighter or your brows are a bit thinner towards the end.


Are you a brow expert, novice or somewhere in between? Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to know about brows! Be sure to tag your good brow day selfies with #SkoneGirl for a chance to be featured on our social media.