Have you ever been *so excited* to try out a shadow, blush or lipstick in a bright and beautiful shade only to find that it just didn’t look as fabulous as you hoped it would? Or maybe you’ve seen a friend wear a gorgeous shade of green, so you gave it a shot it but looked completely different. Both scenarios can be quite disappointing, and it could even make you want to avoid certain colors. Instead of playing it safe, try going bold with a little help from color theory.

What is color theory?

Color theory is a visual guide – think of the color wheel you learned about in grade school – that shows you what colors compliment or do not complement each other when mixed. In the context of makeup, color theory can help you discover what colors work best for your skin tone and undertones. Color theory is a combination of understanding your undertone, color correction and using complementary colors to enhance your eye color.

What is my skin’s undertone?

Undertones are colors that are underneath the surface. It’s what makes our skin uniquely our shade. You can have the same skin tone as someone else, but if you have different undertones makeup can look completely different on you.

There are three prevailing undertones: warm, cool and neutral. Not sure what your undertone is? Check your wrists. If your veins look purple you have a cool tone to your skin. Those who have green veins have warm undertones. Blue veins signify a neutral undertone.

How do I make my eyes pop?

Shadows or other eye makeup products that are complimentary shades to your eye color will surely make your eyes sparkle. Here’s a quick breakdown of colors that will look best for each eye color:

Brown – Jewel toned shades, like our Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner in Navy or Plum, are your best bets. Metallic shadows will add some serious sparkle as well.

Blue – Bronze and orange tinted shades are perfect for blue eyed beauties. Try our Eye Lights in the Bronze Gold color and you’ll be a glowing goddess.

Green – Muted warm shadows like peach, cream and crimson are the secret to making your green eyes shine. Try using our Luxe Doubler in Earth Red on your bottom lashline or waterline for that pop of perfectly pigmented color.

Hazel – Warm gold, bronze and violet are perfect shades for hazel eyed beauties.  Our Luxe Doubler in the shade PinkViolet will compliment your eye color flawlessly. You can use it as a lip color as well!

What about color correction?

If you want to try your hand at color correction, you have to use opposite shades on the color wheel to neutralize the problem areas you are looking to cover up. Below is a quick guide for every color correcting shade and what it can be used for.

 Color correcting guide

Blush, lips and more…

Once you determine your undertone, finding the right shade of foundation, concealer, shadows, and lipsticks is now so much easier. When discovering new shades, think of color theory. What undertones does the product have? Products with the same undertones as your skin will be the most complimentary. For instance, if you have a cool undertone, try a cool toned red. That would be a red with a blue or purple undertone, like a rich burgundy shade. And if you’re warm toned, try an orange-toned red like coral.  The search for the perfect red lipstick will be so much easier!

Now that you’re a color theory expert, what colors are you going to try next? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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