Using bronzer is an art form onto itself. It can easily enhance your face to look more chiseled and slimmer, but when applied incorrectly it can have the opposite effect. If you know how to contour, and have our Sculpt & Slay Contour Palette, you know that bronzer and contour are also different shades, making them separate steps in the process altogether. So if you’re looking to rock a sun-free glow, read on.

Apply sparingly

Bronzer does not go all over your face. You want to have the appearance of a sun kissed glow. When using the bronzer in your Sculpt & Slay Palette, apply it on the top of your cheeks, tip of your nose, and above your temples. If you’re looking to enhance your jawline you can apply some bronzer under the chin as well. Start off slow and work up to your desired color.

Choose the right tools

The tools you use can dramatically enhance your makeup application. When applying bronzer, try our Luxe Pro Contour brush and Small Crème for small areas like the tip of your nose. The Contour brush has a blunt edge with soft bristles and provides an airbrushed bronze effect when the product is buffed out. If you want a stronger, chiseled look with your bronzer apply it using short strokes and buff out lightly.  

Find your ideal bronzer

Once you have the correct brushes for perfect bronzer application, consider your favorite bronzer formulas. If you are searching for a cream contour, then look no further. The Sculpt & Slay Contour Palette holds universally flattering bronzer, contour, and highlight products that are perfectly portable. As a bonus, instructional diagrams are printed inside the palette. You’ll never have to wonder where to apply product because the diagrams show you in excellent detail! Pair the bronzer with a Luxe Pro Contour brush and you have everything you need for a gorgeous glow.

Do you use bronzer or do you skip the step altogether? Let us know, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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