Eyes are often the primary focus of a makeup look. There are unlimited eye makeup styles to wear and rock, so it’s no surprise we spend so much time and effort of our makeup routine on them! If done right, you can draw attention to your eyes as well as create the illusion that they are larger. That’s something most of us want, right? If you want your eyes to look big and bright, then check out and try these five helpful tips.

Practice Color Theory

If you’re going for a classic cat eye look, black is likely your go-to color. But when it comes to everyday makeup, or using makeup to enhance your eyes, trying different shades would be a wise choice. Using color theory (link) to determine complimentary shadow shades for your eye color is a smart idea, and that includes using different shades of the Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner. Brown is a great shade, for instance, since it’s brighter and a little less harsh than black. So you can still wear your favorite style of makeup but create a brighter, more complimentary look.

Create the illusion

Despite what you may think, lining your entire eye from inner to outer corner can actually make your eyes look smaller. Instead, create a “V” shape with your liner on the outer corner of your eye. This could be achieved in a few different ways, but we suggest using your Tattooed eyeliner on your top lid to create a subtle wing and use the Tattooed Solid pencil on the bottom lash line. For an added enlarging effect, smoke out your lower lashline with your Luxe Pro Smokey brush.

Thicken your lash line

Tightlining your upper lash line will greatly improve your look and can even draw more attention to your eyes. You can do this by simply filling in any gaps between lashes with your Tattooed liner, using either brown or black. This simple trick will give your makeup besties some serious lash envy!

Accentuate with shimmery shadows

Using shimmery shadows like our Eye Lights is a fun and easy way to brighten and accentuate your eyes. Whether used wet or dry, you will get a glistening look that will catch light as well as the attention of everyone who sees you.

White out

There’s one product that is guaranteed to brighten and give the illusion of larger eyes quickly and easily, and that’s white eyeliner. Apply and blend out some white in your inner corner and go over it with any  colored shade of our Eye Lights to create a bright focal point for your look. For a more bold application, use white eyeliner on your lower waterline. This can create a doll-like look, especially once you apply mascara or false lashes.

Are there any tips you have for making your eyes look brighter that we missed? We would love to hear your feedback! Remember to tag your selfies with #SkoneGirl for a chance to be featured on our social media.