The quality of your makeup brushes can either help or hinder your makeup skills. This can be very frustrating for someone who desires to improve, practices a lot, but still feels that they fall short of achieving makeup greatness. Not to worry, we have your back! If you can’t splurge on our 14 piece Luxe Pro set, we’ve outlined the first five brushes to grow your collection.

Powder brush

Every makeup lover needs at least one professional grade powder brush, and our Luxe Pro Powder brush is the perfect addition to your collection. Use it for any powder you use in your makeup routine; pressed or loose powder, blush or bronzer. Its soft hairs will gracefully glide over your face and apply your makeup with ease.


Foundation brush

Foundation brushes apply your foundation and concealer with a much smoother finish than a beauty sponge. Not only that, you also save a lot more product using a brush than the sponge. Our Luxe Pro Foundation Brush has a round edge that is perfect for creating a seamless foundation base.


Lip Brush

No makeup look is complete without some color on your lips, and sometimes what you really need is a precise brush to help you apply your product. The Luxe Pro Lip Brush helps you create crisp lip lines that will define the shape and size of your lips. Applying lipstick with our Lip Brush is truly a game-changer. Your lip lines will look incredibly cleaner and you’ll be ready to take on the world.


Large Shadow-

Our Luxe Pro Large Shadow brush is another must-have in your makeup collection. It’s made for packing on color with ease. Use it with matte, shimmery, or glitter shadows. Endless shadow looks are at your fingertips with this amazing brush!


Blending Brush

Blending is key to every eyeshadow look. Colors need to be blended seamlessly together to get the full effect.  The Luxe Pro Blending brush is a top quality tool that will help Skone Girls achieve blending nirvana. It’s brush tip is made with soft synthetic hairs that blend without diminishing any of the color payoff. This tool is best suited for powder shadows and can blend your smokey eyes, cut creases, or whatever look you choose, with absolute precision.

Which is your favorite Luxe Pro brush? Which brush is next on your wish list? We’d love to know!

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