As the weather warms up and the flowers grow, it’s also your time to get out there and start anew. We think a great place to begin is with new makeup looks, of course! If you’re looking for fun and fresh styles, then look no further! Here are four spring styles to try:

Sultry for spring

Smokey eyes are always in style, it is just a matter of adapting them to the season! Green is a soft, cool shade that’s perfect for spring. To achieve this look simply wrap a layer of metallic green shade, like our Eye Lights in OliveGold, around your entire eye and blend the edges out with a Luxe Pro Smudger brush.

Into the blue

Like green, blue is a gorgeous jewel tone shade for spring. Our Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner in Navy is the best liner to use when creating colorful wings this season. Navy can be used in everyday, work-appropriate looks, or even to create bold and bright spring festival styles.

Exaggerated lashes

The “Twiggy” style lashes are a hot spring style that’s fun, easy to wear, and can accentuate your eyes in all the best ways! Use your Insanely Intense Tattooed eyeliner to draw thin lines across your bottom lashline. Pump up the look even more with some false lashes on your top lid. Your shadow, blush, and lips can be neutral to balance out the look.

Sparkling skin

Strobing - highlighting without contour – makes your skin look dewy and bright, which is exactly how you want to look during the warmer months! Use your Luxe Pro Blending brush with your favorite highlighter to dust the top of your cheekbones, inner corner of your eyes, and brow bone.

Which spring styles are you most excited to try? Remember to tag your selfies with #SkoneGirl for a chance to be featured on our social media.