March is National Women’s History Month, so we want to celebrate it the best way possible: talking about makeup and some of our favorite pop divas! If you’ve always wanted to look like your favorite pop icon, then read on for these wearable divalicious looks you can wear year round!

Spice Girls

If you’re a 90s kid chances are you were obsessed with the Spice Girls. We *all* had our favorite girl in the group. You know, the one who was most like us or who we aspired to be. Although their fashion styles were all very different, much of their makeup looked pretty similar. So this look can apply to any Spice Girl you’d like to emulate.

Most of the members wore some variation of a smokey eye. We think a poppy, bright red smokey eye would be perfect. To add a touch of shimmer and shine, try our Eye Lights in the shade Sherry. Take your Luxe Pro powder brush and gently drape a peachy blush over your cheeks for a subtle wash of color. Hold your brush towards the end of the handle to get a lighter and more natural application.


Beyonce is a modern icon and inspiration to many around the world. She transcends music genres and has smashed countless records. Over the years she’s worn many iconic looks, but we really love her current natural makeup style.

Beyonce’s newest look puts the emphasis on her amazing brows combined with a bold lip. When it comes to shadows, stick to neutrals or forget shadows all together. To make your brows full and (Sasha) fierce, use our Brow Wand in your desired shade. While matte lipstick is always a good choice, you can add some clear gloss on top if you want a little more oomph.

Lady Gaga

Although much of the time her fashions and over-the-top antics have taken center stage, Lady Gaga is an undeniable talent and a triple threat as a singer, dancer and actress.

To recreate an early quintessential Lady Gaga look takes a few key elements. Starting with the eyes, you want to create a dramatic wing with your Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner and finish off the look with some full and exaggerated lashes. If you want to go full glam Gaga, opt for a bold lip shade. A frosted pink lipstick would be very Gaga-like. Use your powder brush to apply a darker pink blush on your cheeks.

Diana Ross

She first rose to fame with The Supremes, then followed it up with her acting career and solo work, Diana Ross as one of the most iconic pop divas living today. Even now, The Supremes are still one of the hottest selling girl groups of all time. A big contributor to that success was Diana's iconic sound and style.

To achieve Diana's 70s disco Diva look, you will need some shimmer to make your eyes pop. Try our Eye Lights in the shade Chill and take your Luxe Pro Large Shadow brush and gently pat your lids with the color. After applying mascara on your top lashline, take your Tattooed liner and apply small fake hairs on bottom lash line, in the same way Twiggy first popularized it in the 60s. For your lips, try a neutral or brown lip gloss for some extra star power shine.

Which pop diva is your favorite? Did she make this list, or is it someone different?

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