When searching for the hottest new trends, there’s only one place to look: the runway. This year is shaping up to be a year full of striking makeup trends! Want to be ahead of the curve? Check out the most Skone worthy styles to rock this year.

Team Tattooed’s time to shine!

Liquid liner is making a big impact in the 2018 trends landscape. Runway models have been seen with thick, striking winged liner, both on the upper and lower lashline. While that style might not be an everyday wearable look for everyone, you can always add an extra bit of volume to your current winged liner look for dramatic flair. The Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner is the perfect tool to nail this look.

The rounded Cat Eye

The cat-eye style is taking shape in new ways. Instead of creating a sharp-ended wing, round off the edges for a softer look. Although this look has been largely created with black liner, we suggest trying another Tattooed shade like Plum or Navy. This look is perfect for going out on the town with friends or an elegant weekend brunch.

Lash Envy

Retro-inspired clumpy lashes are making a comeback this year. Think Twiggy, wide-eyed and long-lashed. To create this look authentically, you can use your Tattooed Liner in black to create small “false lashes” on your lower water line. 

Stay golden

Have a healthy glow all year round with the help of some gold makeup! Major runway models have been seen with gold from the subtle pop of highlight to more avant garde golden shadow and lip styles. Try our Eye Lights in the shades Bronze Gold or Olive Gold in any shadow style you’d like. Apply a thin layer of product dry for a shimmery, sheer appearance or wet your brush for a metallic gold effect.

Which makeup trend will be the first one you try? Be sure to snap a selfie and tag it with #SkoneGirl for a chance to be featured on our social media.