Ask any makeup artist and they’ll tell you this important piece of advice: your makeup is only as good as the tools you use. Whether you’re a long time makeup lover or new to the makeup scene, having the highest quality brushes can mean a world of difference to your look. You know you need to step up your brush game, but you’re not sure what brushes you might need? If you’re in the market for a total brush re-haul, our 14 piece Luxe Pro brush set (on sale now!) is a comprehensive package that has every brush you will need from face makeup to lips. But perhaps you need just a few brushes to add to your collection. If so, you should browse our brush singles. But before you do, let’s break down each of our Luxe Pro brushes to see which ones you need.

Large Shadow

Wide, rounded, and tightly packed with hairs, our Large Shadow brush is perfect for packing on shadow as well as layering color on your lids. Layering is a breeze with this brush. Apply color in a semi-circular motion to smooth out your shadow. This brush can also be used for blending shadow. 

Small Shadow

Our Small Shadow brush is softer and has longer bristles than the Large Shadow. That makes this brush perfect for applying smaller areas of shadow as well as blending a look together. If you want to create an eye shadow look that involves a little pop of color or even glitter, this brush is the perfect choice.

Angle Shadow

This Angled Shadow brush is ideal for applying shadow in the corners of your eye, lower lids or even the under brow highlight. Cut crease fans will love having this Angled Shadow brush in their collection.

Small Crème

If you can’t get enough of crème shadows, our Small Crème brush will be your most-used shadow brush. This brush can even apply foundation or concealer in small areas like the under-eye area. It’s wide, round shape is made with smooth bristles that is fantastic for packing on crème color.


Our Smokey brush has short and compact bristles to blend and smudge your favorite liner or eye shadow. This brush can be used to smoke out on your top lid or lower lashline with ease.


Combine our Smudger and Smokey brushes for the one-two punch you need to create a perfect smoky eye. This brush in particular is great for smudging out pencil or retractable liners like our newly released Tattooed Solid pencil. Smudging out your liner on your lower lid will give your look the sultry, smoky look you desire.


Made with top quality nylon hair, our Liner brush is used for applying or cleaning up your winged eyeliner or your bottom lash line liner. Liner brushes are useful whether you want to use liquid, crème or powder.

Brow Definer

Our Brow Definer brush has a crisp angle so it can help you create definition for your brow or brow highlight. Adding color to your brows with a dipbrow or your favorite product is easy. First outline the desired shape and length of your brows with the brush and fill in. Then use the Brow/Lash brush to diffuse the color and give a more natural look to your brows.


This double sided brush is twice as useful! On one side there is a hard plastic comb for declumping lashes. The synthetic haired comb on the opposite side can be used on your eyebrows, either to brush the hairs in place or lighten overdrawn brows.


Our Luxe Pro Blending brush is a fan favorite and perfect for blending out eye shadow. Its synthetic hairs were designed to connect shadow colors and soften shades on your lid. 


No look is complete without a little lipstick, and our Lip brush is the secret weapon you need to create a crisp line around your lips, as well as fill in your lips with color. The brush has a flat, broad shape that allows you to apply your lip product with precision. It is also great for mixing lip colors when you’re looking for a multi-dimensional look. If you want to try an ombre lip, this is the brush for you!


Using a brush for applying foundation will not only give you a better finish, but it lays down the groundwork for the rest of your products. To use our Luxe Pro Foundation brush, start by applying your favorite foundation product at the center of your face then sweep outwards towards your hairline. Use it the same way you would use a paintbrush.  Small, uniform strokes will create even coverage. Once that’s applied, use this same brush for applying your concealer.


Aptly named, our Contour brush is a firm, blunt ended brush that will expertly apply and buff out your highlight or contour. This brush works as well with crème contour as it does with powder.


Applying setting powder is a critical step in your makeup process. It sets the foundation and concealer and makes those products last longer. Using our Luxe Pro Powder brush is a breeze. Dip the brush in your pressed or loose powder and gently tap off any excess. Then simply lightly dust your face with the brush evenly. This step is especially important during the summer, so you need this brush now!

That covers all of the brushes in our 14-piece collection! Which brush would you be most interested to try?

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